Phuket Island is an island of natural beauty an amazing combination of white sandy beaches, turquoise seas, green hills, mangroves and rainforest. Phuket scenery is surrounded by the Andaman Sea and beautiful islets.  Northeast of Phuket the stunning limestone outcrops of Phang Nga Bay emerging out of the mangrove waters. Friendly people, culture, varied Thai and western cuisine, entertainment, tropical climate and range of amenities creates an ideal destination for singles and families on a holiday or long term stay.

Phuket has an excellent infrastructure, good roads, electricity and telephone network. Shopping malls, cinemas, spas, golf, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, jet ski, beach volleyball, tours, trekking, surfing, kite surfing, canoe tours and many others activities are available. See an example of images below or go to the side bar to find more beautiful snap shots.

The waters around Phuket are generally very safe but a few words of warning. If you see red flags at the beach it means no swimming. Red Flags indicate potentially dangerous conditions called Rip Tides which occure mostly in the summer season Mai-October when the wind is strong and build up big waves. Rip Tides are funnels between two sandbars and create strong undertow and currents. Even if you think you are a good swimmer don’t try it. Best is to stay calm and not to struggle to come back, swim with the current until it calms down than swim back to the beach.
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