Cars & Bikes

Cars, motorbikes and bicycles for rent in Phuket Thailand

Our all in one service offers fully insured modern cars.
Family vans in good conditions for rent long or short term.
We provide the following brands: Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan.
We have scooters and motorbikes form Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and other big bikes available.
Please ask for price for motorbikes or cars depend on brand and size.

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Rules and regulations

1. Thailand has left side traffic
2. Look right first and left too before moving into main roads.
3. But watch out for motorbikes coming along on your side of the road.
4. You need an international license for car and motorbike.
5. Driving a motorbike always use a helmet even for your partner.
6. If police stop you without helmet or license they charge you a fine of 500 Thai baht.
7. Don’t start to argue with anyone in traffic.
8. Avoid accidents as foreigners always have to pay.
9. Check insurance papers of rental car or motorbike
10. Don’t leave Phuket with rental object as long you have no permission from the car owner.
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